Sunday, June 28, 2009

Forward progress after ripping back....

I have made some very welcome forward progress on the Hemlock Ring after some very backwards sliding. I had to rip out completely again, not because I had made mistakes in the first fifteen rows but picking up the stitches in this project without a lifeline wasn't worth it for the short time it would take me to re-knit. However, there was cursing involved. I am now however starting the feather and fan section (a third lifeline will happen before that does).

I can't wait to show my progress to the other person in my knitting group who is doing the knit a long with me. This was hard earned progress.

I wrote that about a week ago and now I am here: Almost to the end of the regular size throw and just added the second skein on row 50 of the feather and fan section.
The other thing that was hard-earned?

This pay off shot for you that you get now. I will not post any more pictures of it until the wedding. Sorry, but I want the full effect.

I am making slow progress on the scarf for my stepfather, I do a few inches every week but that's slow progress for something that will be 70 inches long at the end.I got a little bit of work done yesterday sitting outside in the sun (gasp!) watching Michael play in an ultimate frisbee tournament (they made the semi-finals!!). Here's proof it was sunny.Happy Knitting!

I may have a new project to show you next time.

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Roxanne said...

Congratulations. I've been following your efforts for about eight months. I have my daughter's (still not engaged, but hopeful) in the very early collecting stages. It will be a quilt, though.