Sunday, June 13, 2010

Progress, but not too much...

I did make a little knitting progress this weekend, but not much. I have a really good reason however. This is all I got done-the heel on the sock. I am now on the leg.

This weekend M and I went down to Old Lyme, CT to his cousin's beach house. Did we touch sand this weekend?

Nope, but I did see the beach. It really wasn't beach weather and that was probably good, because then we were not tempted to abandon the really giant craft project we worked on all weekend.

M has been playing in a marathon softball game for at least ten years the day before Fathers Day and this is the fortieth year of the game.

They used to have an old scoreboard and lost it somewhere. This year, in honor of the 40th year and a player who passed away a few years ago, M's cousin decided to re-make it. We went down to help them. I think that it turned out very well.

This is the lovely kitty we came home to. He wasn't there, but was in another of his spots when we came home. He has now apparently had enough of us and is back on top of the box with yarn in it.

Happy Knitting and other crafting!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I haven't been knitting enough to make this interesting....

I haven't been knitting enough to make this interesting and these are why

I started to run with my husband, Michael. He is a great runner and has been very patient with me, including running with me at my pace outside. I was making great progress, following a runner's world training program for a 5k. It was going along swimmingly.

I am training to run a 5k on June 27. It is around the Charles River and supposed to be pretty flat. I wasn't feeling particularly confident after a terrible running day on Tuesday. On Tuesday, I couldn't even run a mile. I did my 5 minute warm up, walking at 2.5 on the treadmill. I then started to run at my normal pace and a slight incline. I only made it .75 miles before a side stitch did me in. I was also dragging in energy. It was the proverbial set back.

I made up for it today. I did my 5 minute walk warm up and then I ran 3.1 miles at my normal pace!!!! That'y my race distance! Sure, it was on the treadmill and sure it was inside and sure I was sweating like mad, but I did it! I now feel confident that I will run the entire 5k which has been my goal from the start.

Knitting wise?
All I have done is get to the heel for the Grandpa sock and start it. I'm almost done with the gusset. It's going along.

I hope you have some happy knitting and whatever you do for exercise! I promise more progress on these soon!

Then, it will be another baby blanket and a bunch o' finishing and the bike thing for my brother, E.