Thursday, June 10, 2010

I haven't been knitting enough to make this interesting....

I haven't been knitting enough to make this interesting and these are why

I started to run with my husband, Michael. He is a great runner and has been very patient with me, including running with me at my pace outside. I was making great progress, following a runner's world training program for a 5k. It was going along swimmingly.

I am training to run a 5k on June 27. It is around the Charles River and supposed to be pretty flat. I wasn't feeling particularly confident after a terrible running day on Tuesday. On Tuesday, I couldn't even run a mile. I did my 5 minute warm up, walking at 2.5 on the treadmill. I then started to run at my normal pace and a slight incline. I only made it .75 miles before a side stitch did me in. I was also dragging in energy. It was the proverbial set back.

I made up for it today. I did my 5 minute walk warm up and then I ran 3.1 miles at my normal pace!!!! That'y my race distance! Sure, it was on the treadmill and sure it was inside and sure I was sweating like mad, but I did it! I now feel confident that I will run the entire 5k which has been my goal from the start.

Knitting wise?
All I have done is get to the heel for the Grandpa sock and start it. I'm almost done with the gusset. It's going along.

I hope you have some happy knitting and whatever you do for exercise! I promise more progress on these soon!

Then, it will be another baby blanket and a bunch o' finishing and the bike thing for my brother, E.

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