Sunday, May 9, 2010

Knitting Galore!

I have done a fair bit of knitting lately, so I have lots to show you. Unfortunately, I did not take a final picture of the socks I knit for my mother, which is also my first design ever, so I will have that pattern for you at some point soon.

Here is in an in progress shot. My Mom says she will get pictures for me sometime soon of her wearing the finished project.

I did finish some other projects.

I finished a Gail/Nightsongs in Mini Mochi.

Here it is blocking. It's now off the blocking wires and I wore it today. It is so light and warm.

I also finished a scarf for my brother based on the movie Harry Potter, the scarves that the students wore in the later years. Here he is in the scarf, I think you can tell that he likes it.

This is one of my current projects. It is a pair of socks for my Grandpa. I hope they fit since I don't have his foot measurements, only his shoe size.

I am also working on his hat for my niece, who can now say my name! She is growing up so fast!

Happy Knitting....

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