Monday, October 24, 2011

31 while 31,....

I recently turned 31 and one of the things I did that day was to make a list of 31 things to do while 31. I completely missed the 30 while 30 bandwagon. Without further ado and in an attempt to be accountable here is the list.
1) Race a trail 5k
2) Knit a colorwork project-already started
3)Knit an adult sized sweater. Picked out Thermal for this project.
4) Knit an entrelac project-will have to finish one I have started.
5) Run a relay race
6) Make lamb bacon
7) Make pasta from scratch
8) Take a finishing class for knitting
9)Take a crochet class
10) Take a sewing class
11) Take an exercise class I would normally avoid-maybe not trapeze as Sarah suggester, but something similarly out of my comfort zone.
12) Take Michael camping
3) Take Michael hiking
14) Host/Organize a contest involving pie, maybe eating, maybe making?
15) Make a good soy milk based ice cream
16) Run another half-marathon-already picked out the Run to Remember!

17) Make Pizza from scratch-dough and sauce. Cheese will have to buy
18) Make Madeleines...
19) Make
buttercream from scratch
20) Raise money for Girls On The Run as a Solemate for the Run to Remember.
Learn three guitar chords-I can't promise I will remember them at the end of the year.
22) Learn rudimentary phrases in Spanish.

23) Knit something for charity.
Make cider donuts.
25) Visit a new city-this will be hard, I've been to most I want to go to.
Thinking New Orleans.
26) Blog every week. I have completely abandoned it, but will start again and track my progress there and here.

27) Go to 4 concerts. This may not seem like a lot, but it is for us, which is sad.
1) Smashing Pumpkins
28) Make sourdough bread from scratch
29) Dye my own yarn
30) Watch three foreign language films that are not a romance language

31) Have a cocktail party

I will post here on my progress!

Happy Knitting!

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