Monday, March 3, 2008

A Growing Pile of WIPs

If I was a sadist, this would be a great thing, but as it is, I'm more of the self punishment camp because of the number of WIPs I have going on.

First off, the new mental torture device resulting from saying I wasn't going t start anything new and then giving in to have something easy peasy, where I don't need to follow a complex pattern. It is a row row repeat and two of those are purling. It does curl but will be beaituful when blocked and a great throw around your shoulders scarf for a little insta chic.

These beautiful colors (Rowan Tapestry in the blue-green) are turning into what is below. I cast on 40 stitches and it will be delightfully wide.

What is above is this stitch, it took me some time to figure out the directions from the Harmony Lace and Eyelet Guide because you need to add a last yarnover on the 3rd row before the final stitch and that is not clear from the directions, but it keeps the stitch the right way and the numbers always at an even number.

Then, this quick knit is for the soonish to be niece or nephew. I am through the right body and am making the 12 month size of the Peapod Baby Set Sweater.
The lace shot. Its the new money shot.

My ball winder and swift in action. SPICY!!!

It makes these beautiful little cakes. MMMMM yarn cakes....

The Chuppah is soooo long.

Now that I have a repeat done I can measure this with the number of rows and figure out whether 2 cones will be enough. I don't think it will be, but Sarah's Yarns is having a private sale right now. It's the perfect timing for 15% off their already low, low prices.

Happy Knitting and Happy no-longer-February. It truly is the worst month of the year IMHO.

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