Sunday, April 13, 2008

Knitter's Blocks!

No, I don't have knitter's block-I have plenty of WIPs and things to knit. In fact, the Chuppah is going on swimmingly, as you shall see below.

First off, however, Vickie Howell, of much knitting fame (you can find her website here: had a contest on her blog in which the prize was a set of Knitters Blocks ( You had to say why you needed them. Well, thanks to the Chuppah, I was one of the two winners! I received them yesterday and they are awesome. I haven't used them to block anything yet, but they will get a good workout with the pieces of the baby sweater for my sister's soon to be little girl and then a lace scarf I have going. They came in this box, that was slightly damaged, but not to be worried, they are quite sturdy.They come in this awesome bag that fits everything perfectly

They snap together into a pretty good size of 3 feet by 3 feet. There are 12 total blocks.

They also come with instructions on how to block, T-pins, and a blocking cloth to put over the pieces if you are steam blocking so you don't felt the pieces.

Here you can see the "Goblet Lace" stitch. The Goblet is obviously a significant motif in Judaism, the Kaddish Cup is important, and you drink goblets of wine on Passover, and you drink from a goblet/cup of wine at your bar or bat mitzvah and your wedding to just list a few examples. That's why I chose this motif, besides that it is pretty.

As you can see, I am to the point again on the cone past where I had ripped out. This is virgin yarn, not being reknitted and it is really nice to be back there again, making completely forward progress.
The kitty was doing crazy yoga this morning, you think it is because of the bag of catnip on the right hand side of this picture?

HAPPY KNITTING! I am having a stressful time right now and knitting is helping somewhat.

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