Monday, July 14, 2008

We Moved!

We are done moving!!!! We are almost unpacked, too, but the fixing up and the realities of home ownership are just beginning.

Kitty made sure he came with us.

I is in your boxez.

The Chuppah made the trip as well and work has recommenced on it. It's only the top 8 lines that are new, 4 set-up rows for increasing to 350 stitches for the middle motif. It's a tree pattern that symbolizes the tree of life. It's a 52 row repeat. That's 350 stitches times 52 rows for a total of 18,200 stitches for just that section.
Here's the entire beast.

Don't worry, kitty made the trip!
His namesake, Big Papi, though not participating in the Home Run Derby or the All-Star game, though he was voted in as the DH, was on TV tonight with his big smile.

All I have to say is Holy Hamilton!

Happy Knitting!

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