Sunday, July 27, 2008

Not so Knitty?

I haven't been able to be as knitty as I would like lately. I've missed more knitting group meetings than I would like and have had less time to knit. A house/home is a jealous mistress that gobbles up your time.

I have been knitting on the Baby Blanket however.

As you can see I passed the halfway point. This is an easy project-really quite mindless and much more impressive looking than it actually is. It's great TV Knitting.
Here's a close-up of the unblocked transition point. It's just switching the side you are doing stockinette versus reverse stockinette.

I went to a pool party for my knitting group yesterday and this cat getting into Heather's bag was the only thing I took any pictures of. He would not leave that bag alone.
It reminded me of another kitty you may already be familiar with-he likes to get into small spaces too. This was taken last night after we got home. If he were a lolcat-he would be the one saying I iz in your cablez-controlling your Tvez.

Happy Knitting!

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