Sunday, December 21, 2008

I finished the Cowl-Hoodie.

It turned out so well!!!!!!!!

I am as happy with this project as I have been with any in a long time. It serves its purpose admirably. It is long enough in the back to cover my neck and tuck into my coat and clings to my face to keep the wind out. I wore it out yesterday into the weather we have been having here in New England this weekend. It needs to stop snowing already.

Look, it's a tube!!!
I hope everyone is having a Happy Chanukah!!! We didn't manage to get potatoes today due to the aforementioned weather-it is gross out there.

I did some knitting on another small project-I started another hat for Michael because the other one was too scratchy.

We spent a fair bit of time grouting the rest of the tile today.

Here is the result of that darn snow.

We used to have stairs now we have a slide!!!

Happy Knitting!

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