Monday, February 23, 2009

I wish I had more to show you....

I don't have a lot of actual knitting progress to show you...

I spend most of my knitting time at home swatching. Swatching for what? The Chuppah border...I did a couple that did not work out and those were ripped without even pictures for posterity. The swatches were of my original plan for the border, a nice leaf pattern. It didn't look so hot in my own knitting. I am now swatching about 9 different motifs involving leaves in some form or the other for the border and pictures will come when I have them all pinned out to show you and get opinions on.

I did however, get some totally picture worthy things recently.

One came in the mail...
Some were delivered by M to make me smile:

Yes, that is Wollmeise, the holy grail of sock yarn. I scored some from yarnissima in a kit. I don't know if I will knit the patternt that came with it with the Wollmeise, but I will use it sometime. It's beautiful yarn and a beautiful pattern.

Then, I went to Friday Night Knitting two fridays ago and I won this:

It's sooooo soft. I highly recommend getting yourself to Ewe'll Love It in Nashua, New Hampshire and getting yourself a skein of this to keep near you at all times to fondle and love and make yourself happy.

Here is my progress on my take along project: a second scarf for my stepfather (since he lost his first one).

It's made with Blue-Grey Berroco Ultra Alpaca in a basketweave pattern I had to think of on the fly on a train. It's just 5 stitches stockinette, 5 stitches reverse stockinette, over 10 rows then switching. It's 30 stitches wide.

It's turning out pretty well and is easy, mindless knitting. It is also very nice and soft yarn.

I will be starting both a set of socks soon (for my grandfather) and a shawl for my Grandma.

Unfortunately, addressing save the dates for my wedding is taking up a lot of at home time right now so there is less knitting time. I did have a neighbor come over and get a refresher on how to cast on. She is making the most beautiful afghan and knows how to do knit and purl but needed a little refresher on the long tail cast on. I referred her to as well, it's videos are such a life-saver!

Happy Knitting and pictures to come of the Chuppah border swatches when I have them all finished!!

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