Sunday, March 1, 2009


I have finished swatching for now for the Chuppah border.  This is not the yarn for the Chuppah, but some yarn for baby things that I have in my stash that I didn't mind using for this.

These are the 9!!! options I swatched. I am leaning towards #1. What do you think?

#1 I really like how this one turned out, and if I did use it, I might want to do something in between the body of the Chuppah and this pattern-something very simple for a few inches, such as a simple feather and fan pattern or other simple and short repeat.

#2 This is the one Michael prefers out of these two. I wouldn't need to add an all around border before this border because it includes the row of holes on the bottom in the pattern.




So, which one would you do?  Please let me know your opinion!

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Diana said...

I like number 2. Good luck! I'm so excited for you!