Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Hampshire Sheep and Wool, a Bridal Shower, a Book, and a Happy Kitty...

I actually have fun things to show you but not any knitting because I only have an almost FO-2 repeats, ribbing and some binding off on a sock to go.

M and I took our annual trip to the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival last weekend.

I noticed this in the parking lot as we entered and I am sure I am not the only person to take a picture of it that weekend.

I bet this woman knits in public.

In no particular order now, I saw all of this last weekend:

Sheep, all lined up in a row. These sheep ate in unison, then moved forward in unison, then ate again in unison. It was like they had a hive mind.
No hive mind here, just some seriously awesome looking fiber animals I wanted to smuggle home.
This guy has quite the expressive face. He looks like a wise soul.
This guy had really cool horns. Looks like a shofar to me.
Michael likes to pet all the animals.
This guy had cool horns too.
This guy has dreadlocks. He's the coolest most laidback one in the bunch I bet.
These two were just so cute.
This guy was being herded.
I got this a couple weeks ago and it does not disappoint. It's seriously jam packed full of awesome information and great patterns. It's a must buy IMHO.
I had a wedding shower this weekend. The result:
A bunch of parcels full of wonderful things to go with the soon to be wonderful husband. I need to move those boxes upstairs.

There were some very nice personalized M and Ms at the shower, all in all it was very nice.

The flowers were very nice as well, I love the purple tulips in particular. This arrangement came home with us.
Now we have a very happy kitty to be back sprawling on his people.
Happy Knitting, I'll have pictures of the yummy yarn from NH Sheep and Wool and a finished sock to show you next time.

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Congratulations on the soon to be wedding :)