Sunday, October 24, 2010


It's been a while. Let's play catch-up.

Here is the baby blanket I am working on for my cousin's baby #2. The baby, named after my grandfather, has been born. He's in Hawaii though, so how much need is there immediately for this blanket? Probably not much. However, after a break from it for too much thought required, I sat down and figured out the question in about 30 seconds. I guess it was the wine making the question seem way more difficult than it actually was?

Here is the sock I am working on, when I am commuting or need something small to take a long. This is sock #1. I needed some sunny yarn to work with.
I also started this project, a pair of Dashing (from for M with yarn he purchased at Rhinebeck. That's right, I went and he came with me. I am a little farther along now and it is a darker blue color but fall light in Boston is difficult for color.

M went with me partially because it was the weekend before my 30th birthday. We also went to the Boston Book Festival the day before and it was fantastic. I highly recommend it next year.

My Portland family sent me flowers for my birthday, aren't they pretty?M got me new gloves for skiing. I wanted and needed these.
He also got me this book all on his own (I picked out the mittens). He remembered that I wanted to get better at finishing and he read reviews and picked it out on his own. It's a great gift for me.

He also knew I wanted one of these: a Namaste Circular needle case. I haven't set it up yet, but I will soon. I have a bag of circular needles just waiting to be neatly sorted.
This is M's Rhinebeck yarn.

This is part of the yarn M purchased for a sweater I will knit for him at some point. The rest of the yarn is being shipped from the seller.
M also got a skein of this super sparkly yarn to learn how to knit socks for our 2 year old niece. We will see how great he does with it!I bought four skeins of this yarn with Cashmere to knit a sweater with. Cashmere. That is all I am saying. You will see more of this soon.
I also got some yummy sock yarn. This is closer to the color but blurry.
This is not the color, it is much deeper, a real dark burgundy type color.
We also saw these puppies and thank god they were already purchased otherwise we may have bought one due to cuteness overload and we could not handle a dog right now.
There were of course adorable other animals, like these:
None of them really cooperated with my photo taking attempts.

I also ran in a 10K and finished under less than ideal conditions for me.

I did it despite eating some of the below peanut butter cup cookies. These are the ingredients and the process.
It is fun pushing the peanut cups into the cookie.M also made us delicious dinner. This was really good.

It included these really delicious twice fried potato slices. If you haven't tried this and don't mind a lot of work, it is worth it.
I also made a peanut butter tart that was the best thing ever but so dangerous to have around. It didn't last long.
That is what I have been up to, running and eating peanut butter desserts to replace those calories.

Happy Knitting!

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