Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year..

I hope that you had a great end to 2010 and a great start to 2011.

M and I stayed in and had a nice pasta dinner and some champagne drinks made with a bottle of the champagne from our wedding. On the first day of 2011 we ran the Hangover Classic in Salisbury, MA. I wasn't expecting a whole lot because of the drinking the night before but I managed to run around a 32:30. I can't say for certain since they can't manage to get all the results up, but I know M came up to me and the clock read 33:06 when he did and told me it had to be a Personal Record. It had been at least 15 seconds since I got to the corrals, where there was a huge back-up and I didn't cross the start line for probably 30 seconds at least after the race started. My previous best time was 35:57, so this was a huge jump for me. I am just glad that the running work is paying off in increased fitness. Then we came back and finished the duck confit and leek, artichoke, and potato gratin and peanut butter and chocolate puddings we were making for New Year's Day dinner. It was delicious but the pudding was a little too thick. If I make it again I will not let it thicken so much. Here are the links for the recipes from epicurious.

If you make the duck, it takes the full three hours cooking time for it to get really tender.

I have been knitting and I did a lot this weekend. I have been working on these socks.

As you can see I have one done and the second one is about halfway done. I am at the exact point where I need to start turning the heel.

It is the Laurel Socks Pattern from Toe-Up Socks for Every Body by Wendy Johnson.

Happy Knitting and Running and Baking in the New Year!

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