Monday, August 6, 2012

Homemade Pasta!!!

I crossed another thing off of my 31 while 31 list!  I made homemade pasta.

I used Mario Batali's recipe and for me, the ratios were a little off and I had to add some extra water in the form of moisture to get it to come together.  However, it was really sticky.  Next time I will maybe try Lidia Bastianich's recipe.

First I made a well in my flour on my wooden board.  Thanks Joe Bastiniach for that tip from watching Master Chef.

Then I put my eggs in the middle of the well.

Then I mixed in the flour on the sides into my eggs with a fork, keeping the well formed as long as I could.

 Then I kneaded the dough for 6 minutes!

It looked like this after all that kneading.  It was a lot like kneading the dough for challah, use your palms and keep turning it.

Then you wrap it in plastic wrap and let it rest.  This allows the glutens to relax, I think, but don't quote me on that.
 Then I put little pieces into this tiny pasta machine.  The only shape I was familiar with that it makes?  Bucatini!
 After a good while of hand=cranking I ended up with this:

 I cooked it for five minutes(after the water returned to a boil after adding the pasta) in water well salted and oiled.
Here it is draining!

This was dinner last night!  Yum!

Thanks to Michael for stepping in on the sauce while I was busy cranking away!

I have some knitting to show you soon-it just needs to be blocked!

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