Sunday, February 18, 2007

I made a lot of progress...

I did make a lot of progress, on one of my WIPs.

It is the hat for this guy:

However, now I am stuck because I simply have never put a seam in anything before. I am heading to my books and the internet on this and if I can't get it I will be asking my wonderful cousin for help who is the queen of crafts. Her creativity astonishes me. I have to sew the seam for this hat (thankfully my mom is a great sewing goddess who hand made me a suit from this amazingly wool last summer and I can always rely on for help with anything sewing related) and then do the border. It will be a challenge but I like those.

On the other hand, my other project has been nothing but a source of frustration. Somehow, while watching Who Killed the Electric Car last night I managed to start stockingette stitch with nothing but knit stitches in my hood for my hood and scarf combo. How on earth did I do this? Anyways, I ended up having to frog about two rows, and use one of the long needles from the hat to put all the stitches on and then knit onto the circulars I am using for this. It was quite an ordeal for a new knitter. I managed to do it and am now knitting sort of happily away on it again. However, this project is going to be a lesson in patience for me, as 132 stitches is the most in a row any of my projects have needed so far. It's a lot and now that I know how to purl I want to be doing that stitch as well. Oh, well, I just have to tell mysself this is something I want a lot and it will make me very happy when it is complete.

Here is that limited progress:

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