Thursday, June 21, 2007

Silly me!

I cast on for the baby blanket last night. I did the cast on, and two rows of knit stitch. 6 more rows of knit stitch before the pattern begins.
I am excited to be working on this, it's nice to knit something for them that I hope they will get use out of.

I finished the knitting on Liza's scarf and have started to rip it down so the dropped stitches create a beautiful loose stockinette. I am not sure pictures are working on this computer with blogger, so I will post some from my computer later tonight.

Silly me left an almost completed Tempting and a one third completed scarf for her older brother on the mainland of Massachusetts in her mostly empty apartment, with one lone roommate still living there. I took them to the mainland thinking I could finish Tempting while I was there and leave it there until after the bar exam. I did not finish it and I did leave it there. I guess I will finish the last inch of knitting after the bar and during crazy moving packing time.

That brings me to my big news! My boyfriend and I found an amazing apartment to move into. It is a one bedroom, huge luxury apartment north of Boston and right off 95 and very near Route 3, so it takes me less time to get to Nashua than anywhere else we were looking for, and is convenient for him, well, pretty convenient. He has a 15 minute drive to a T stop and then about 20 minutes on the T (doesn't include waiting for the T however. So, our commutes should be about equal in duration. This apartment was a god send to find because we had ONE DAY in Boston to look for a place, and we saw 7 apartments that day, all over, from Bedford to Malden. We liked the first place we saw, and not the second or third at all. We liked the fourth ok, and LOVED this place, the 5th. The 6th and 7th were ok, but nothing like the 1st or 5th places we saw. The only thing was, we weren't that sure how much we wanted to pay the roughly 1560 per month this place would be (or we thought it would be!). Sure it included heat, hot water and AC, but not electric and we could take my sister's cat. Sure it has a fitness room, and a pool, and has never been lived in before, and was 930 square feet and had a walk in closet, a washer and dryer in the apartment, a disposal, dishwasher, and 6 foot high windows all alond the giant living room and den. We decided to do it. It was still less than 1/3 of our combined monthly income. We called and said we were coming to put a deposit down the next day. I had no buyer's remorse, but M had a harder time with the decision. Did I mention the one garaged parking spot included and the one non-garaged spot? We went to put the deposit down by check the next morning and they told us that in addition to the three months free rent we would be getting (which we knew about) they had also reduced the rent by $150 per month overnight, so we got both deals and it was about 1460 a month. I didn't think our luck could get much better. We would have not agonized at all the day before about taking this place had we known that! So, we have an apartment and we are so happy with it! Now just to deal with the bar exam and moving! I don't have pictures unfortunately, but I do have a floor plan link. The apartment has granite countertops and is carpeted. We plan on using the den for an office and a futon so guests can stay over.

I guess you could say I am excited to move into this place and get out of Allston. It's a good place to live as an undergrad, but I am ready to move out of that neighborhood and into a nicer place to live.

The really great thing about this apartment? There is a craft store about 5 minutes down the road, and next to my new supermarket and right off my exit of 95. Bad news probably for the budget, but great news for the hobbying!

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