Friday, July 6, 2007

Bad Blogger..No Package for you!

I feel like the postal service are being the package Nazis right now. I know that's not normally PC, but I'm using it a la Soup Nazi from Seinfeld and not real Nazi. I ordered stuff from Knitpicks on the 26th and 27th respectfully and it is still not here! I am not sure why coming to Chappaquiddick is taking so much longer than Allston, but it is. Well, it is probably the two! ferry rides in addition to the normal transit time but still, come on people! You know you did not attempt to deliver it and leave me notice, because there was no notice! Tomorrow I shall hound the USPS people with a phone call and possibly a trip to the post office if I have to pick it up. UPS delivers to the Chappy store, and FedEx comes to the house, but do I really have to take the ferry into Edgartown and drive to Post Office Square to get my pretties? Probably.
However, despite lacking the implements I want and desire and track every few seconds even though they are NEVER updated, I did knit a little.

This is a scarf for a scarf and hood/bonnet from Knit2Together. It's progressed a little since this picture, but is not much more exciting. You knit the scarf first, then the bonnet. The bonnet knitting is the carrot I guess, but why does there have to be a stick with knitting?
Why ladies why?

I also have made progress on the baby blanket for my stepbrother and his wife, but I only have two out of the eleven heart motifs done, each set of 32 rows (8 for the border and 24 for the heart pattern takes approximately a little bit less than one ball of KnitPicks Swish Superwash) and I have eleven balls of yarn.

This is close to the color of the yarn.

This is the heart pattern outcome.

For eye candy Friday this is all I have: This really cool looking insect that was on the outside of the window most of the day. He looks like a leaf from the other side. Very good camo.

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