Thursday, July 12, 2007

I have packages!

Yay, a quick trip to the post office was all it took. They had my lovelies from KnitPicks all ready for me. Then, I swatched for Thermal again using the size 3s and well, I still did not get guage. So, I am swatching with the 4s and am getting guage currently. Yay! But I could have done this the entire time I was waiting. At least the Man Who Knits can use my 3s to make his knitted tie. I think I will sew up my two little swatches and make a little bag to hold my stitch markers. It will be cute and the yarn will not have gone to waste and I will have something to put them in (besides the fabulous bag my swap partner sent me.) She gave me the idea with that little bag. I could also use the bag I am making to hold the darning needles I use to weave in ends.

I am currently working on 2 secret projects for my swap partner, so no pictures of those.

I am about 4 feet into the scarf for the scarf/bonnet project, so about 2 feet more to go because I like long scarves that I can wrap around my neck. I have made little to no progress on the baby blanket, but that's ok, the baby isn't due until the fall.

I have another baby to knit for as well, because my cousin is pregnant too!

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