Saturday, September 29, 2007

Secret Swapper Package!!!

Hi, hopefully larudden from forums is reading this. She sent me the most amazing swap package. I have had two amazing swappers, NoBones and larudden. They both sent me amazing packages.

Here is the package from larudden. She went with an amazing sock (Sox) theme that centered around socks and baseball and fall colors
. She sent me a wonderful note explaining it all.

The yarn:
This yarn is incredible. It's Dream in Color Smooshy and Smooshy is the exact right word for it.

Yarn and two patterns!
The Interweave Knits I wanted! Yay!

This incredible sock pattern!

Yarn nail file! I needed a new one of these, and this one is so adorable.

Bamboo DPN's

Incredible red and white and blue buttons.

The Smooshiest yarn again.

The 4 goodies.

Some of her incredible homemade glass stitch markers.

The cutest Mickey Mouse Red Sox pin!

Yay for baseball findings!

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Leslie said...

Woo hoo! I'm glad you liked your stuff! This was my first swap and I must say I was really nervous that I would do it "right" and have "enough" in the package.

I saw that baseball diamond socks pattern online and knew you had to have it. It's a really old pattern by a woman who was "big" in the 50's I think it was. After her death, her patterns have been reissued, which I think is such a great tribute to her.

I'm laughing at your picture because the tissue I wrapped your stuff in was the one from MY package! In fact, I even used the same box! I'm living "green" don'tcha know, so I had to recycle! heh heh.............

Sooooooo, where'd you go for dinner? Villa Francesca in the Italian section was always my favorite. Is it still there?