Friday, September 14, 2007

Vine Shawl OFF the needles!

I have been knitting hard on the vine shawl for my Grandma over the last week. Once I was within about 5 or 6 20 row pattern repeats (the last two balls of yarn) I was able to set a goal for myself of ten tows a day. That's 750 stitches a day. I am proud to say that I met that goal and that the shawl is off the needles. All that is left is weaving in the ends (today after work before poker) and blocking. This will get a good wet block and will be my first experience at pinning something out to the right dimensions. I hope it goes all right. I would like to be able to send this and the package out for my swapper on Monday.

Pictures of the whole blocking process and the finishes project sometime soon!

I cast on and knit 5 repeats of the 6 row pattern repeat for my brother's scarf. This is the third attempt at this scarf, but I finally found the right pattern for it.

I'll post pictures and details of that when I post about the vine shawl.

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