Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Yay! My computer is working...for now....

The wonderful Genius at the Apple store in the Burlington Mall got my computer working....for now....I was correct about the RAM issue and he solved that by moving one of my RAM thingies from one slot to another. However, I am running into some sort of motherboard problem that it would cost $320 to fix. That is a third of the cost of a new computer for me, and since my birthday is coming up, I am thinking of asking all family members to contribute Apple gift cards to my computer purchase fund. That would defray the costs a bit and so will the money I will get from my odl roommates for the utilities they did not pay all year (totally my fault for not telling them how much it was continuously). I also don't have rent to pay in October, part of the three months free deal we got, so new computer here I come.

I'll donate the old one to charity or something after completely deleting all my information from it.
I updated pictures on ravelry and here are some pictures for you! I'll take some of the scarf I have almost done for my big brother when I am home later!
For now, Grandma's stole: She already wore this down in the Florida air conditioning!
Ready to go!

Our couch kitty: Big Papi

Glad to be back!

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