Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Knitting and Soxalicious Halloween!


The baby blanket, only needs ends woven in.
The baby sweater. It's going.

The Jaywalker socks, going slowly.


Jaeger Matchmaker, on sale, I love this color.
100% cashmere laceweight, 4 balls this big of it. Yes. Lace heaven.
Rowan Tapestry. I love all the colors of this yarn. I am thinking lacey scarf.

Misti Alpaca lace. Seriously gorgeous color.


First off, 3-0. That says it all.
Second off, get rid of the towels Colorado fans. You are now down 3-0 in the World Series. You had a good run, but you are mostly bandwagon fans and should be ashamed of yourselves. Just sit back and admire the Red Sox, who have fans who have followed them all season, if not for years or their entire lives. You are not a Rockies fan, you are a Broncos fan. I lived in Colorado for five years (including one in Denver) and I know the truth and you aren't fooling me, especially with the lack of Rockies gear and the new hats. I guess this is the guantlet being thrown down against you bandwagon fans. Be a real fan or not at all, but don't pretend.

I guess the first thing didn't say it all.

I have been very productive lately in all sorts of different ways.

Yesterday I got a new computer and a Halloween costume. I don't have the new computer set up yet, but it is a MacBook 13inch, the white version with the combo drive. I never use my superdrive so I did not get it on this computer. I am excited to open it up later and set it up.

I was Cleopatra for Halloween and I think it was a great costume especially because I got my hair cut yesterday too and they straightened my hair. The straight didn't really last, but ok. My hair just wants to be curly.

I made some more pizza dough and we had homemade pizzas last night as well before the party/game watching extravaganza. The dough came out so much better this time, I use the recipe from klosekraft's blog. I added the olive oil at the end this time and it worked out great. I also dissolved the yeast in the water and it worked great.

I made pumpkin cookies for the party, and I will post pictures on the next update.

The kitty in one of my drawers. He will not use his cat bed with the handknit blanket but he loves my drawer!

Happy Knitting and Happy Halloween and Happy World Series.

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