Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I know I have been MIA.

It's for a variety of reasons.

1) Lack of knitting progress.
a) baby blanket slowness-I have two more repeats to go and it just won't be interesting to anyone else until it is done-however, the baby has been born and the deadline I have now set for myself-this weekend (also the birthday weekend for me) looms.
b) Ripping and reknitting the same damn jaywalker over and over again because I keep losing stitches into the ether
c) Lack of Progress on a surprise project that I couldn't put here anyways

2) The Red Sox in the playoffs

3) Wedding planning-Yesterday we went to the most useless meeting ever. Vinwood Catering, I was NOT impressed.

4) The job getting more exciting and busy-not that I work on weekends yet, but it's getting busier-I didn't knit at work before this, but being busier at work makes it seem like I have less time at home.

5) Family birthday time! Little brother, little sister, me, and now the niece!

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