Saturday, February 16, 2008

Life Goes On...

Life does go on. Thank you to everyone who posted here with kind words.

Life for me right now is work, wedding planning and house hunting. We are in the market for a house and the people at work and at the knitting group I attend Wednesday nights are giving me (and the fiance) invaluable advice. So thank you everyone!

We went to look at houses today and we were astonished to find some really bad houses for way above the price point they should be at. I mean, run down, pack rat filled houses that have not been updated since the 70s or 60s that are listed for more than really nice ones?

We did find one really cute one, but it's small. It's historic, but the bathroom is on one floor and the bedrooms on another. Not a good situation.

I have been knitting, just mostly on the Chuppah and a few rows here and there doesn't add up that quickly. Now I have the Bottom Border done and ready to show to you! It is still 318 stitches across, and now has 2 lifelines!

Look, it's a lace scarf! It's the bottom panel of the Chuppah really, but this could be a gorgeous lace scarf pattern. I might right it up and work it up in some yummy yarn I have and see if I can get a pattern published, even if it would only be online.

The detail shot.

This is the vertical border that will go all up the sides, and next for the horizontal pattern are Flowerets.

My Hemlock Ring progress. That grew quickly to this point, where I am starting the Feather and Fan section . It's only going to get bigger, as in more stitches around, but it will be worth it to have such a gorgeous lap blanket when done. One of the women in my knitting group finished hers and it is so beautiful!

Happy Knitting everyone and wish us luck finding a great house!

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