Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I am opinionated and this is a warning: strong opinions ahead. If you read this blog for the knitting, skip this post.

I am watching the NBA finals (Go Celtics!!!). I have declared my allegiance. That being said, even if he wasn't a Laker, I still couldn't stomach Kobe Byrant.

He's sleaze. He cheats on his wife (we'll never know what really happened with that) and buys her off with a giant diamond ring. Then today during the game the TV people show this obnoxious puff piece he somehow talked his wife into particpating in, in which he said something like "I'm a laid back guy, I like just spending time at home with my family" and then they cut back to him and his children and his wife.

THAT'S DISGUSTING. You are not a family man. You are a cheating jerk who bought off his wife after you were caught cheating on her. In the "ad" for Kobe Bryant he made a big deal out of her being his wife of 7 years.

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