Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Alas! I have SSS!

I am only 34 rows from the toe on my second Monkey sock, yet I am now hitting SSS. How did it stay away for so long and why is it hitting now that I just want to be done with the sock but don't want to work on it.They are even more done than it shows here.

Other things are calling to me. Namely, the siren song of the Chuppah. I want this half of it DONE!

I went to the hair salon and got a haircut and as happens pretty frequently when I see a new stylist, she wanted to straighten my hair, they normally want to do it to see if they can do it.

I always feel like a completely different person for a day or two after they do it.
It looks good curly too! Yay for good haircuts.

Oh yeah, we signed the P & S for the townhouse too. If all goes well, we will own a townhouse on June 20th. Scary.


theblondeknitter said...

LoL! i get the same thing at the stylists! i like my curls too, but there's something about being a straight-haired girl for the day.

hope you're finding a way to finish those socks casue they look great so far!

Janet said...

I'd consider yourself lucky that your SSS didn't kick in earlier. If I keep going at this rate, I'll have 10 single socks and no pairs to wear next winer :-(