Monday, May 26, 2008


I wish I had more knitting to show you, but I have half a pair of socks!

I am getting an early start on the Summer of Socks 2008.

It's a Monkey in Daffodil Lorna's Laces .
I added two repeats on the leg to make it longer and I still had a fair amount of yarn left over.

Happy Knitting!

Oh, I also bought my wedding dress this weekend. I can't post pictures of that because M might read the blog and see it. I got it at a new store in Edgartown, MA on Martha's Vineyard and it was serendipity, pure and simple. We were walking around town and I spotted a wedding dress in a window of a store (I knew there was no wedding dress store there last summer!) and they were a wedding dress store. It's called Tulle and the owners are great, no pressure at all. I walked in and they were selling their samples and there were two I loved, both of which were in great shape, they only opened in January. They were both strapless, A-line with natural waists and both 50% off. I walked out with one of them!

I hope anyone else who is looking finds their dress soon and they love it as much as I love mine.

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Gnat said...

Love the socks!! The color is great!!