Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Purchases

I totally forgot to tell all of you about the purchases I made at New Hampshire's Sheep and Wool Festival.

I got some beautiful alpaca. Over 600 yards of sportweight in this tan color. It will become a fabulous wintery scarf and hat set for me at some point.
I also got this incredibly soft half LLama! half merino yarn to make someting for M. It is so soft and wonderful.
I also got some alpaca sock yarn for an incredibly decent price. It will be so warm. As you can see, I had to stick to the neutrals to get mostly environmentally friendly yarn. Its ok though, I love these colors.

Speaking of Socks, I have a head start on my Monkeys. I am through the number of repeats (6) the pattern calls for on the leg, but I like a longer leg than this on my socks and I think I have enough yarn, but I am just not sure of whether I will have enough yarn to do more repeats. What do you think?
A close up of the M's. If I made this in blue and white and red they could be Mario socks! Yay Nintendo. We've been playing MarioKart at least once a day on the Wii.
Does it loks like I have enough yarn to do more repeats on the leg?
This is what the kitty did all day.

We had the inspection on his (and ours) new home yesterday! Oh, yeah, we are also buying a townhouse!

Happy Knitting!

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