Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Hampshire Sheep and Wool

Yesterday, M and I went to the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival to do something fibery related (for me).

There was so much to see and some of buy! I stuck to my natural/environmentally friendly fiber choices even though there were some gorgeous yarns that could not come home with me as much as I wanted them to.

On the way up we saw this truck: those guys must have been having fun somewhere very muddy!
There were tons of animals everywhere . This guy was very friendly and very soft.
He also has a face like an Ewok. Now we know where George Lucas really got his inspiration.

There were some unusual fibers there as well, like this Paluca (which is very expensive btw).
This llama was not so interested in my attentions or making for a good photo op.
I'm not sure what this person is trying to say, because a vanity plate isn't randomly chosen. Self-indulgent, annoying attempt at irony maybe? They could just be having fun, but still, it's a little irksome for some reason.

There was yarn, including this stuff: talk about eye-catching. I have a fear of clowns so the bright colors wouldn't work for me, but I know there are plenty out there who will love this incredible variety of color.

There was Buffalo yarn again (also very expensive) and not as soft as I remembered.
There were so many more sheepskin rugs than I remembered from last year.

There was Llama yarn.
There were adorable kids stuffed toys everywhere!
There were so many sheep and surprisingly, I did not see one goat!

There were dogs, we watched the dogs for a good while. We both really want a dog.
The dogs were hearding sheep and these sheep were uncooperative.
We saw a lot of this because the sheep seemed to like the spot right in front of us! Not a bad deal!
There was beautiful yarn I wanted and couldn't have because of my eco-yarn buying pledge.

There were exhibits set up.

There was sheep shearing, this sheep is bahing as she gets sheared.

She's naked, somebody call the cops!
Ok, I lied, I did see one goat.
I saw really cute sheep.

I saw really cute bunnies for sale.
I saw more sheepskin rugs.
This is one box out of 100s, 1000s of fiber I saw for sale. If only I spun.

There were more exhibits.

I bought stuff too but that has to wait for the next post, pictures need to be taken, ok?


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