Saturday, September 13, 2008

Interrupting your regular knitting content....

For some serious things I feel the need to get off my chest. If you don't like politics, skip this post, but come back tomorrow for some knitting content, please.

Sarah Palin and McCain must not win. It is simple as that. I can't handle it if they do. If McCain wins this election this country will continue down this path of alienating the rest of the world and will amplify the problems this country is already facing because of this. It's not just the economic issues this country will face and already is facing that I worry about, but for many years, America has stood for something more. America stood for democratic principles and in the world's eyes and my eyes America has lost that. It is already going to be an incredibly uphill battle for this country to redeem itself. We can't live in isolation from the rest of the world-it just doesn't work. For the rights the Constitution guarantees, McCain must not win. If he does, warrantless spying on American citizens will run rampant, freedom of speech will be trampled upon, your choice will be taken away from you, and hard working people will continue to be trampled and trodden upon economically to enrich the few incredibly wealthy Americans McCain hob knobs with.

This is all besides the point of how the environment will be raped in 4 years of McCain.

This is all besides the point of the blatant hypocrisy spouted by the Republican talking heads.

I urge you to register to vote if you have not already: the easiest way I have found is here:

You fill in answers to questions and they fill out the form for you. You print it out and sign it and mail it in or deliver it and voila you are registered to vote. The deadline is October 15th. Go do it. NOW!

Also, your employer is required to give you time off to vote. Demand it or vote in the evening or morning. It's important, now more than ever.

UPDATE (EDIT): Someone on ravelry was kind enough to enlighten me about the actual last date to register. Here is the information they kindly passed on to me.

Anyway, your post about registering to vote by October 14th … and the last day to register actually depends on which state you live in! I’d hate for people to miss the deadline! You can click on your state on this map: and see what the deadline is.

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