Tuesday, September 16, 2008

So, I didn't post Sunday........

because we finally painted the living room! As you can see, we still need to do the trim (and some touch-up around one outlet).

It went to this:

From this:On Sunday, and we managed to have dinner with my Dad and watch the Pats-Jets game for them and discuss wedding guest lists.

Michael did some manly work with my uncle Frank this Saturday as well.

I didn't post last night because I made a chicken curry for dinner and then made Mint-Chocolate Cupcakes for my knitting group.

I did finish a sock on Saturday! Now it needs a mate.
Kitty of course tried to get into boxes and managed to do so. Here is the exit strategy.

As always, Happy Knitting!

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magnusmog said...

That's one elongated cat to fit into such a skinny box. Ours would have got stick in the middle :)