Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for lots of things. I have a new house this year and a fiance that loves me (I cannot figure out how to get the correct accent above the e with blogger). I have a wonderful kitty and good friends and a job that satisfies and challenges me. I have a good and strong family who will celebrate with me in the coming year and I have a really cute niece.

I am thankful for easy hat knitting. I might start another one of these to give away to charity. It was so quick and Michael really likes it.It looks small, doesn't it? Below we shall BEHOLD THE POWER OF RIBBING.
It stretches!!!

I did start a project for me! It's a Cowl/Hood that I am basing off of this pattern: but instead of stockinette in between the top and bottom 6 rows, I am doing 1X1 ribbing because I think it will be more useful that way and keep the cold out better that way. It's a modification taken from this version: It's a combo of the two because mine is partly stockinette and partly ribbing.
The top picture is much better for color. It's the Malabrigo Silky Merino in Plum Blossom. This is not normally my color palette, but Heather (Hi Heather, if you are reading this) convinced me recently on our trip to Rhinebeck to step outside my normal color palette. This is out there for me. It's a trip back to grade school when I wore all pink. Now I don't have any pink. ANY. This will be the first thing. Hopefully it turns out well.Happy Knitting Turkey Day!!

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