Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I voted, did you?

I know there are some of you out there who did not vote today (almost all of the world), but for us here in the United States that have been depressed and worried and angry about the direction our country has taken over the last 8 years, today is big. Today is so big, I have been anxious and nervous and shaky for the last few months and especially the last week.

I voted this morning, showing up right at 7 and ran into one of my fiance's ex-colleagues. I didn't just run into him, I asked him where to park, then stood in line and we figured out we had a connection through M and chatted throughout the long!!! line. It was long in number of people, but not time, thanks to the very prepared people at Andover High School. It was quick voting too, maybe ten races and three ballot questions. I hope the way I voted carried the day. This country needs change. Oh yeah, F-you to the person who took my political magnet. You suck. It was my car, my $10, and my freedom of expression you interfered with and this country would be better off without you.

I hope you voted, and I NEED SOME RESULTS NOW!!

Patience is not my strong point right now.

Happy Knitting!

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