Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How quick can I get this done???

I am racing, racing, racing! I am halfway done with the Lighted Torches motif on the Chuppah. Even though we are still 7 and 3/4 months away from the wedding, I want this done well in advance so I am working hard on getting it done. I have 4 more repeats of this motif, that is 80 rows and then I have the 50 or so row flower pattern that is on the bottom and then the border. I should be done well in advance as long as I don't slack off.
I am halfway done with the second fingerless mitt as well.

I also bought some more sock yarn-but I had a gift certificate, so it cost a grand total of $1 for me. It's hard to get a good picture of it however.
I came down with a stomach bug so I took this day off after I was done with court. That's why I got to this point of the chuppah. I am unfortunately missing knitting this week because of it.

Happy Knitting!!!

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