Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm winning the race!!!

I am totally winning the race of the Chuppah. Now that I have said that, something will come along and bite me in the butt.. I have one more repeat (20 rows) on this section and I will be finished! Then I do the flower section again. It kicked my butt the first time around-I went one stitch off and it went to heck.

Here it is good right now...
It was at this transition point this evening. That's three cones down and one to go. That means I have knit 3,360 yards on this project so far. I am also about 85% done with the body. I can't figure out how much percentage the border will be-so my calculations are all about the body. I am leaving about 10% off how far I say I am on ravelry for the border-but I could be wildly underestimating how much knitting it is to go around the entire thing in a border. I mean, it's huge already. It keeps me warm while I knit it. I definitely want this sucker finished by the summer.
Wish me good knitting vibes and Happy Knitting!

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magnusmog said...

have some good vibes and a whloe lot of admiration :)