Friday, January 30, 2009

I won the race!

I wrote this on January 30, 2009.

I completely and utterly won the race!

I finished this section of the Chuppah last night (the night of 1/29/2009) for those of you who want dates. This smashed my goal of by February 13, 2009 and my what I thought was unrealistic goal of the end of January. I think I get a day off.

This is from today-I took two days off completely from the Chuppah...

Where am I now?

I am right here:
That "here" is 24 rows into the 49 row border (and about to add a life-line, thankyouverymuch). The Chuppah is folded into fourths there so what you see there is not the real width. It's huge and keeps me warm while I knit it.

I had enough problems with this border the last go-around, something about the ten stitch repeat makes me make mistakes, in conjunction with my mind playing tricks on me. I figured out my one mistake this time and fixed it-no harm, no foul, but I am definitely putting in that lifeline to nix the potential for losing all this progress.

On my next post I will show you the Wollmeise I got in the mail-it's so pretty and the completed fingerless gloves-which have been sitting around whining for me to weave in their ends. Maybe tomorrow.....

For now, Happy Knitting-I am off to add a lifeline.

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