Friday, August 17, 2007

Back from the long weekend and Engaged!

Yes, I have not been posting, mainly because I got engaged and immediately had to jump into notifying people, and start the planning. I make decisions, and I make them fast. As in, we got engaged on Saturday, August 11, 2007 and tomorrow, one week later, we are visiting three possible locations. We already know we want the wedding in late August, early Fall and so we are looking for a nice place in the Massachusetts area for that time frame one or two years from now.

The proposal was very nice. I sort of ruined it a little bit maybe though. We went down to Martha's Vineyard this past weekend to my Dad's house out on Chappy (where we studied for the bar, but no studying this time-just an engagement-yay!) We went to the beach one day and we were going to go for a walk. I could just feel something was up, not sure why, but I could. We grabbed Goldie (my family's dog) and when I started walking, Michael went back to grab something and PUT IT UNDER HIS SHIRT. Now, I am an inquisitive person by nature, and I like to figure things out. I had a pretty good idea what that thing was, and we went about 25 feet before I told him I was not going for a walk with him until he told me what he had under his shirt. I know, it wasn't a very slick way to hide the ring box, right? That's ok, it's the feelings and wanting to share the rest of our lives that matters. I'm crafty enough. He then took out the box from under his shirt and said, along the lines of wanting to spend the rest of his life with only me. I was a little stunned, very surprised, my heart was beating a mile a minute, but I was very happy, and said yes. Then we hugged and such and our families were watching because I am pushy sometimes and wouldn't go any further until I knew what was under his shirt. Never try and hide anything from me. I'll find it, it's probably a good thing in my future job, but complicates anyone trying to surprise me. Then we went back and everyone was sort of smiling and then my stepmother asked me if anything happened. I said yes, and held up my hand, with a beautiful and perfect engagement ring on it. I don't wear jewelry and I prefer platinum if I have to, and the ring was exactly what I would have wanted, it's low on my hand so the diamond doesn't stick up too much, it's small and of high quality and it is pretty discreet and doesn't bother me while I wear it. I love it, he listened to me very well and took a long time picking it out. He's a keeper, including for the reason that he knit the ring bag himself! He had some help, but jeez, how about above and beyond. I love him and I can't wait to get married. I thought I might never get married, because who needs society's labels? The label isn't for society, it's for us.


We went out for a nice engagement dinner that night (thanks Dad!) and it was very romantic. The post engagement glow has not yet worn off, so knitting has taken a back seat, mostly, but not completely, to wedding planning.

Oh yeah, I went to the Sox's heartbreaking 6-5 loss to TAMPA BAY. Blech.


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Congrats, what a beautiful post about it, I can't wait to hear about your plans!