Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I have a new FO! First lace.

I am sorry I have been gone for so long. I have been moving into my/our new apartment after taking two bar exams right before that. I have been busy! M and I spent the last four or five days moving me and all my stuff out of my old apartment. Boxes one day, furniture the other, more boxes and cleaning the next two days. Now, it is unpacking time. That is, until I go to Florida on Friday for my Grandpa's 90th birthday. I also had to finish the second project (besides the felted bowl) for my swappee. It's a lace kerchief entitled Whimsy. The pattern can be found here: It's a pretty simple lace pattern, but turns out very nicely and there are a lot of options to customize it. I am going to go get the ribbon for it today and then mail off the package to my swappee. I havI hope she likes it! Today is the deadline. I would have had this done way before now if it wasn't for the moving.

The entire kerchief. This was my first lace.

The close-up of the lace pattern.

I also frogged my scarf for the Grown-Up Bonnet from Knit2Together and restarted it in a much better yarn for that project, it's being made in Manos del Uraguay Worsted in a beautiful blue color and is knitting up so nicely and it is so soft. it is one of their "solids" but I find it to be slightly naturally variegated, almost a shifting solid, and it looks incredible. It's knitting up very quickly. I'll post pictures of that when I can get some that show off the yarn. Luckily we have very good natural light here.

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