Saturday, August 25, 2007

Work is tiring, I don't know how you people do it.....

So, I have been pretty busy because I started work this past Monday. I am a new attorney with the New Hampshire Public Defenders, meaning I will be defending people who are charged with a crime and cannot afford an attorney. I love it. We started training on Monday and we went to spend the night at a cabin in the White Mountains on the Appalachian Trail. It was beautiful there, and we spent a long period of time chilling on the lawn and bonding. Then we went back for training on Tuesday. Friday I spent in my office, in Nashua and met my mentor. She is super nice and I think it will be a good working relationship. Wednesday night we went back to see Castle Hill in Ipswich because we are thinking of having the wedding there and we met with the coordinator there. We like that place. It was so nice not to do anything last night, just relax at the house with M, because I have a cold and am feeling all sleepy and tired still. Today we went to see a place we were considering for the wedding, but I was unimpressed. However, then we saw a place randomly near there and decided to stop in and look at it. It had pretty grounds and was a really nice big house. There were very pretty flowers. We stopped at PetCo on the way back and got some stuff for Big Papi, the cat we are picking up tomorrow! Toys, a cat bed, and a better litter container. Yay! Tonight we went to a goodbye party for two of M's friends, but did not make it to another friend's birthday party.

Tomorrow we go down to Chappy for my dad's birthday. My brother and sister will be there and we will get the cat from my sister. I am excited. M made barbecue sauce for my dad for his bday and I got a picture from graduation from law school of him giving me my diploma and framed it for him.

I also got my package from my secret swap partner. It's awesome.

Here are pictures.

The entire package's contents

Welsh Love Spoon (explained below)

Little Welsh? Doll

Notepad and Pen Set

Needle Roll for me, homemade by my swap partner

Mmmm Chocolate!

The beaded edge of my beautiful capeletBeaded bag to match the capelet

Needle holder shot 2

She made a needle holder for M as well!

Beaded Capelet, in one of my favorite colors, so pretty and wonderful and I can't wait to wear it! Thank you NoBones (Ellie!)

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