Sunday, November 11, 2007

Designing my Chuppah...

I've picked out all the lace patterns for the Chuppah project. I have about 22 months to complete it. I just need to photocopy the stitches, do some number crunching and pick out the order of stitch patterns. I'll post a progress shot as soon as I have any.

Oh, you want to know about the baby sweater?
I am ashamed to say, it made it off the needles at the party, thanks to us going to see La Boheme the night before. It was wrapped up and put in the present with the other goodies, and the recipient, a knitter and my cousin, was very understanding. We're both going to be at my father's house on Chappy for Thanksgiving, so I'll give it her then, and she will still be pregnant.


No pictures, but I now have these handy dandy ravelry progress bars on my blog. They link to ravelry, so you can only use the links they also are if you have a ravelry account!

If you do, I'm Knitting Defender on there!

Happy Knitting!

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