Sunday, November 18, 2007

Knitting? Blah!

So, you ask me, what happens when you forget about a baby of importance?

Answer: You buy some wool and acrylic yarn very fast and start a garter stitch baby blanket which bores you to tears. So much so that you would rather do anything, anything else, including be stuck into one of those medieval torture device suits of armor with spikes so that you die a slow death from infection of the piercing of your internal organs.

I head to Portland on the 30th to visit the West Coast family and the second! baby of import is there, as are the parents. This baby belongs to Jamie and Senna. Jamie is my brother's best friend from high school and was E's roommate for a bit as well. I like them and hopefully will like their baby, so here is the baby blanket. I added a row of eyelets right before the color change to spice it up a little, but really, it's boring. Cast on 180 stitches and knit, throwing in a row of yo, k2 tog three rows before the color change.

I know for a fact that neither Jamie nor Senna have ever been in the same room as a pastel, hence the darker but pretty colors. This was day 3 of the knitting on this, it's slooooow.

This is much more exciting: Branching Out from Knitty. It's an easy 10 row repeat lace pattern and is really pretty. Most of the ones I have seen on ravelry are made with solid yarn, but I love, love, love Rowan Tapestry and so I am using this. It's for my Mom most likely, if she likes it. Otherwise, I'm keeping this baby! This will NOT be done in time for Portland, due to the aforementioned boring baby knitting.

Happy knitting and Happy Thanksgiving (early)! I am off to Chappaquiddick sometime on Wednesday. Hopefully we get out early and I can catch a ride down with the Dad and the little sister.

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