Wednesday, November 14, 2007


My 93 year old grandpa is in the hospital with a possible heart attack/possible congestive heart failure. Nothing like that news in an e-mail to give you a good punch to the gut.

On top of that, last night, on the way home from work via Trader Joe's, I was sitting in traffic waiting to get on the 95 and some stupid girl didn't realize that when traffic is stopped you can't just drive right into the car in front of you and so she banged into my car hard enough to make my head go forward pretty good, give me a good shock, but not enough to cause damage to my car (I think).

Close calls scare me.

Is there a third heading my way?

I have a sentence review hearing this morning trying not to get a Judge send my client (who has been mostly in compliance) back to jail for 5 months. He is the sole support for his baby momma and five month old son. I don't want this to be close at all.

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