Sunday, January 13, 2008

Finally, I block!

This has been a busy weekend, so busy that I finally just around to blocking my moms Branching Out Scarf today.

Here it is all pinned out on my seriously makeshift blocking appartus. It consists of a piece of felt and pins and is laid out anywhere it will go.

This weekend we stayed in on Friday night, but Saturday we had Verizon Fios installed. Let me just say, the customer service and installation coordination could use a lot of work. It was finally installed much later than it was supposed to be and then we went to a tasting with a caterer we will not be using. The food was overcooked and the guy was a little too scatterbrained for me. We didn't feel good after it either. We then went to our friends house to watch the Patriots game and then went home after they won!

Then today I made Risotto for dinner. It's a lot of stirring and work but it is worth it and when I make this much I have a lot left over for lunches.


I also made these really delicious peanut butter and chocolate cookies . They are a big hit every time I make them, so here is the recipe. I always add a little more milk (soy) for me for both the chocolate mixture and the peanut butter mixture because otherwise they are too dry and not really cohesive.

This is what is supposed to happen tomorrow. Great.
That's my cookie tin. I love it.

Happy Knitting!

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