Sunday, January 27, 2008


My socks are sooo close. One now has a toe (not pictured below). I am so close to handknit socks, yay!!! I spread the word about Jaywalkers at a knitting store yesterday, because I went to the Woolpack in Littleton, MA with a friend from my weekly SnB and there were people there knitting whom we joined for a time. I was working on my jaywalkers and they really liked them, but hadn't heard of them. They hadn't heard of Ravelry either. So, I spread the word a little. It's amazing to me what people don't know about knitting and the 'net. I also got the yarn to send in a swap I am in right now. This is my last swap for a while. I'm just too busy to do all the stuff for it. I also hit up the last Friday of the month knitting group at Ewe'll Love It in Nashua. They have food, wine, and giveaways. It's awesome. I highly recommend attending. It is definitely my favorite yarn store.

My Chuppah is coming along really nicely as well. This mess will become my chuppah eventually. I am a little nervous about running out of yarn (I have a second cone) and having to order more. It's the Zephyr Wool Silk 4/8-DK weight in white.

I also started a baby sweater for my sister, the sweater from the PeaPod Baby Set from Knitting Daily. It's going to be so cute but the pattern is organized in a bass ackwards way.

We have a tasting tomorrow and I really hope we like the food. We have our invitation choice all made, now just have to pick the wording and the ink color.

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