Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hat, Part Deux!

I really like this hat pattern. It's simple and easy and fits really well due to the ribbing and is a good, basic hat. Made with Malabrigo it becomes heavenly. It's the Classic Ribbed Hat from Frugal Knitting Haus. A quick google search or a scroll through my blog archives will get you to the pattern link since I already knit this once.

Modeled by the fiance, but ending up with the Dad. I hope he likes it since he requested it once he tried on my little brother's version (Hat, Part Une).

I used 108 stitches because my father has a really large head. I hope it fits. He must have a monster sized brain or something. That is the fiance, NOT my father. He still hasn't seen the hat.

Hat on the kitchen table, still life, 2008.
Look! It's a Thumb! There is only one so far, but the other is coming along.

I made cookies too. You don't get any but you do get the recipe link and they are FABULOUS. I have made them many times and love them. You will too if you like peanut butter and chocolate.

I didn't have the trial, case was resolved through plea bargaining. Happy Knitting!

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