Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year...New Habits...

This year, I have a knitting related New Years Resolution. Some of you may already be aware of this, but for 2008 I have committed to only purchasing environmentally friendly or socially conscious yarns. For me, that means minimally chemically processed and if dyed, dyed naturally. That also means yarns that are produced and sold locally, such as from local farms. It also means yarn from pretty far away but that supports indigenous people or women who otherwise would be begging on the street or selling themselves, so women's collectives in developing countries are in. I will also knit yarn in my stash. I want to feel good about the yarn I am knitting with. I try and live my live as environmentally friendly and socially conscious way as possible already, but I wasn't doing that with knitting, and there was no reason for that. I've started a Buy-A-Long for 2008 on Ravelry, if you are there and want to join us making a difference (it doesn't have to be in my way particularly) come check the group out at http://www.ravelry.com/groups/greenies-2008.

Happy Knitting!

I have personal resolutions as well, but those are private. I do want to exercise more and get out of the apartment more as well. M and I have a tendency to loaf around at home and I am working on getting out more, to things like concerts and parks and enjoy the things I used to go to all the time. I love a good concert.

Happy New Year and whatever you resolve to do be successful and healthy.

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Becca6296 said...

Love your post!
I am supporting malabrigo yarn currently for all the reasons you stated here! Take care! Rebecca in Concord NH not too far!