Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sorry about the delay!

I am sorry about the delay for a new post. I have been sick (stupid cold that won't go away) and off on spring break. I left for Portland last Thursday after my last class of the week, (Corporations was hard to sit through when I had fun stuff to look forward to) and got to the airport fine after swinging by to pick up my bags at home. The Silver Line is a great way to get to the Boston airport, even for those of us on the Green Line, which means a transfer to the red line at Park Street and then a transfer to the Silver Line bus.

I got through security with my bmaboo straight and circular knitting needles fine and was soon knitting away on my cross country flight. I knit and purled all the way across the country and on both of my flights my seat mates were very curious about the basketweave scarf I was making and were very complimentary. I only got through the one ball I had with me but by the time I got to Portland I was ready to cast on with the other skein after it was wound into a ball. I didn't get a chance to do so very soon however, because I was too busy showing my BF around Portland. I did get enough knitting time in between family time and tourist time to finish my stepfather's scarf but not anything else, so my brother's scarf and his girlfriend's calorimetry are very much still OTN. This break has just been too busy and filled with sick recovery time to do veyr much of anything. I did play Zelda:Twilight Princess on my brother's Wii however, which has only made me want one more. Blah to Nintendo severely limiting the amount they produced making it impossible for me to get one at the already hefty retail price of $250. The trip to Portland was a big success and everyone who has not met the BF liked him a lot. He was a big hit.

Here is a picture of the completed basketweave scarf in Cascase 128 Tweed using two skeins on size 8 straights.

The pattern was very simple.
Row 1-K4,P4,K4,P4,K4
Row3-See Row 1
Row 4-See Row 2
Row 5-See Row 1,3


It can get a little boring, so if I used this pattern for a blanket with a larger number of stitches in every little section, such as knit 15, Purl 15 I would have to do it in spurts over a long period of time with more challenging knitting in between.

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