Monday, March 5, 2007

Too many projects OTN!!!

This is probably going to be a running theme for me! I tend to have too many things going at once, non-knitting as well as knitting. Oh well, I don't think my cluttering habits or over-doing things habits would change just because I have a new hobby.... I did not have a lot of knitting time this weekend as you can see because it was the boyfriend's birthday and it was Legal Follies weekend. Legal Follies is a legal comedy sketch/dancing/singing show put on every year at BUSL. My boyfriend has been in it all three years of law school for us and this year he took on a lot of extra creative responsibility, handling the videos and choreography, writing, and a lot of acting. I went to see it twice, once with his mother and sister and once with friends. The show was a lot of fun and very funny. It also happened to be his birthday closing night of the show, so I also had a birthday lunch for him Saturday during the day, so we were very busy and tired, especially after the cast party was at his house and went until 4 AM. I was very tired today after trying to do corporations reading on Sunday after the 4 AM bedtime and going to see BB King last night as well. Needless to say, not a lot of knitting!

Here are the updates.

This is the surprise project! It might not surprise some more experienced knitters, but the fact that a wristwarmer was knit flat was really interesting and surprising to me! I might try knitting this in the round next time, just for kicks. I still have to seam the other one, but all in all it has turned out well so far.

This is a version of calorimetry from Knitty. It's the smaller 112 stitches version people have told is better for more petite people, so I think it will work well for JoJo. It is the same yarn as the wristwarmers. Hopefully she likes the color! This is my first foray into shortrows, so I hope I don't mess it up! I'll be heading to Windsor Button on wednesday to get a button for it. They have an amazing selection and I normally get my yarn there, so I am excited to dig into the buttons! I am only through the 5th row, about to start the 15 or so repeats of that row instruction. Calorimetry:

This is the start of a scarf for my brother. It is also in Andean Silk by KnitPicks, just the barn red color, JoJo's wristwarmer and calorimtrey are in Leaf. This is the link for the free scarf pattern from KnitPicks. I am excited about this and if I have enough of this yarn I will make a matching hat in the round for him probably using 2X2 ribbing, which I can't get enough of. It's so delightfully stretchy. Scarf Pattern from MagKnits:

This is a pretty fuzzy close up of the one pattern repeat I have done. Like I said, too many things OTN and not enough knitting time.

This is my rather limited progress (two-three pattern repeats) on my stepfather's scarf. I need to get a close up of this yarn because it has little flecks of different colors in it and I love it for him.

I also got my first comment! I didn't even know anyone was reading!

My last spring break ever starts on Thursday, so there will be updates on knitting before then and definately during break. My boyfriend is coming with me to visit my family back where I went to high school, in Portland, OR. I am excited to check out the knitting cafes there after he heads back to visit his mother. They look awesome. Boston needs some of these!

I did go to SnB for the first time and it was so nice to sit there and knit with some amazing pastry and see what other people were doing and get some help from more experienced knitters. I will be back, just not for these two weeks because of break.


Suelily said...

My last spring break ever was two years ago - don't worry, there is life after school! I love the wrist-warmers. I've been looking for some to knit in the round, I might try that pattern! Not that it's in the round, but it's better than the pattern I have been using which is knit flat from wrist to hand to wrist, etc. This is a super-long comment haha! I'm your forward New England Knits neighbor, btw. Hi! :)

Elaine said...

I love Knitpicks, they have the best yarn and the best prices. I bought a bunch of Bare, and dyed it with kool-ade, and it came out great. I would try to knit the wristies in the round next time. I hate seams, so I'm constantly knitting things on dpns. Good job on them, they look good! And thanks for commenting on my blog too, I love it when people respond to my projects.